Can an all-natural beauty product be effective, help alleviate poverty AND preserve wildlife habitats?

What if you could do something great for wildlife habitats, help alleviate poverty AND get some of the most effective, all-natural ingredients on earth?

Our all-new all-natural bath & beauty powerhouse products create a luxurious spa experience at home, have incredible anti-aging properties, make you actually GLOW … and our new Shea Terra line actually helps preserve wildlife habitats AND fights poverty in Africa! We are so pleased to bring four amazing new products to our retail location at Island Arts on Kent Island.

Buzz Boutique owner Amanda discovered Shea Terra when she was pregnant with her first child. She says, “all of the hormones swirling in my system caused unattractive breakouts, even worse than my ‘usual’ acne. The worst part was I couldn’t use my salycylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol prescription or over-the-counter remedies because of possible harm to my baby! I was suffering! By coincidence (and possible divine intervention), I met Shea Terra owner Tammi Umbel at a networking tea in D.C. She gave me a sample of her acne-fighting Black Soap and deliciously scented, moisturizing Bourbon Vanilla Shea Body Butter to try.”

“I’d struggled with acne for years and on a first-name basis with my dermatologist.
I’d been through every prescription product out there, so I was sure I’d tried everything and was pretty skeptical. But when the Black Soap quickly and gently cleared my acne, maybe more effectively than any of the chemical formulations I’d been using, I was floored.”

“The Bourbon Vanilla Shea Butter was more luxurious than any other product I had
tried, and provided lasting moisture all day. Using it was a treat and helped my pregnant skin remain elastic. I was sold, and two babies later I have zero stretch marks.”

“During the breastfeeding years, I stuck with Shea Terra because I
was now committed to using all-natural products – both for the sake of my children’s
health and to help save the Chesapeake Bay. Now that I’m older, I’m concerned
about the effects of sun and aging on my skin, I worry that the effects of chemicals
over the years can compound and affect my internal organs, and yes I’m STILL fighting
acne. I always go back to Shea Terra because of its mission to alleviate poverty
while preserving wildlife habitats. It’s free of things like SLS, artificial fragrances and parabens and is cruelty-free.”

Shea Terra Organics creates markets for natural products from third world countries,
which help alleviate poverty while preserving diminishing habitats.

Not only do Shea Terra Organics’ skin care treatments assist in African wildlife
preservation, they are also the backbone of economic sustainability for many
hardworking families across the continent. Since early 2000, Shea Terra Organics has
worked closely with cooperatives and conservation groups to introduce Africa’s time-
tested ingredients to the world.

“After trying many ‘natural’ lines, I was pretty disappointed in the actual
performance of the products as they didn’t actually treating my specific skin care
concerns. But your Black Soap Elixir and Shea Body Butters renewed my faith that
natural products can be effective. The dry, flakey skin on my arms and legs is gone.
I especially love the Bourbon Vanilla Shea Body Butter! The scent lingers on my skin
all day.”

» Lori B, New York, NY

Introducing … in collaboration with Shea Terra Organics … our new Buzz Boutique beauty  products!

shea-butter-bourbon-vanillaBourbon Vanilla Shea Butter “Extreme.” $16 – 99.7% Natural. 90% Organic Ingredients.  Giving more than just “lip service” to natural miracle shea butter, this product is effective for dry skin and skin conditions caused by eczema and even chemotherapy because it has 30% organic shea butter – the highest concentration we could find. Sourced from a hippo conservation project in Africa and combined with real, dark bourbon vanilla in pure aloe juice for a creamy moisturizer
that keeps skin hydrated all day long.
Size: 8 oz.

black-soapRose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash. $18 – 100% Natural! YouTube and Facebook fans rave about this face wash, with good reason. It contains the world’s most effective, amazing ingredients! Based on an ancient African formula, using REAL African Black Soap, this wash works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, even skin tone, firm skin and fight acne. Look younger in just minutes of use. South African Rose Hips Oil calms skin and works wonders on maturing skin.


argan-rose-serumArgan & Rose Serum of Youth. $32 – 100% Natural. Reverse and slow skin’s aging processes, improve skin tone, heal acne scarring and have all-around better looking skin when you release the powers of anti-aging argan and rose hips oil. The Serum of Youth!


flower-power-baby-washAfrican Flower Power CALMING Baby Wash & Shampoo. $18 – 100% Natural. Certified
Organic Ingredients Oils in Spring Water. Real Soap (not modified beets) created by a mom for your baby and family. Kalahari watermelon oil, certified organic sunflower oil and virgin coconut cream oil combine to produce a luxurious, ultra-eco-friendly wash and shampoo freshly kettle cooked in small batches. Essential oils including Cape chamomile and South African lavender calm and soothe fussy baby. You’ll be more relaxed knowing it’s all-natural and safe for your baby!

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